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What is excise duty and when is it payable?

Oct 2, 2017

For some goods it is necessary to pay excise duty in addition to any Customs duties.

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UK's top 10 food and drink exports

Sep 26, 2017

Our latest Velta infographic outlines the UK's top 10 food and drink exports for H1 of 2017.

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Export documents and processes

Sep 12, 2017

Whilst it’s an exciting time if you’re looking to expand your business into new markets, it’s also necessary to ensure that relevant processes are followed and that all documentation is provided (and correctly completed!).

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Freight costs: How to get an accurate quote for your shipment

Sep 6, 2017

In this blog, we look at 7 key areas for which precise information is required in order to receive an accurate quotation.

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Ecommerce: How can businesses profit from online sales?

Aug 24, 2017

E-Commerce can open a whole new market for businesses. But how do you ensure that your supply chain enables you to capitalise on the profits you make? 

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Vietnam manufacturing – A growing market?

Aug 3, 2017

Manufacturers have moved away from the rising costs of China to new territories, and one of the key beneficiaries of this change in strategy has been Vietnam.

But will Vietnam grow into an economy to match or challenge that of the powerhouse of China?

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Port Health - Are your goods ‘healthy’ enough to make it through?

Jul 20, 2017

To get the green light from Port Health on imports of food produce and related items to the UK, it’s important to understand the regulations that are in place.

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E-Commerce in China

Jul 19, 2017

Our latest Velta infographic explores the growth of E-Commerce in China.

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Benefits of utilising a Customs bonded warehouse

Jul 6, 2017

Why go through the hassle of setting up your own customs bonded warehouse when there are companies that are able to offer this service on your behalf?

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REX system - A boost for business

Jun 22, 2017

Have you heard of ‘Rex’? Possibly not. But if your business is involved in the export of goods to GSP beneficiary countries, or exports to Canada, then registering for REX (the Registered Exporter System) could make it easier for you to do business.

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8 key considerations in choosing a freight forwarder

May 31, 2017

Every successful business involved in import or export needs a reliable supply chain. So just what should you be looking for when choosing a freight forwarding partner to ensure that your supply chain needs are met? 

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Counting the costs of counterfeit goods

Apr 21, 2017

Not limited to any one industry, unscrupulous manufacturers are producing a wide range of counterfeit goods to sell onto unsuspecting consumers and buyers for resale. Whilst you may think that you are getting a bargain when purchasing these products, they could actually end up costing you money, or sometimes more….

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Seven myths of export

Apr 4, 2017

Our latest Velta infographic explores 7 myths of exporting.

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What’s on the horizon for ocean freight technology?

Mar 23, 2017

According to the Royal Institute of Naval Architects, crewless smaller vessels are expected to be in use in three to five years, with larger merchant ships, those carrying oil and heavier cargo, arriving in 10 to 15 years. Some manufacturers behind the development of these vessels believe that they may be in service even sooner.

So who is involved in the development of these vessels, and what are the benefits?

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'Be Bold' in logistics management

Mar 8, 2017

In support of International Women's Day we caught up with our Head of Logistics, Jo Miller, to find out what it's really like to work in management in a traditionally male environment.

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Apprenticeships - Why should you consider a career in logistics?

Mar 6, 2017

There are a wide range of job roles that you can pursue in the freight and logistics industry, so if you're looking for a varied career in an industry that impacts on each and everyone of us everyday, read on....

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Ten things to expect from your courier partner

Mar 2, 2017

Our latest Velta infographic outlines ten things to expect from your courier partner.

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The international trade of plants and animals

Feb 23, 2017

The trade of endangered species such as ivory from elephants and whales for food has been well documented, but did you know that there are thousands of other animals and plants for which there are trade restrictions?

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Drones – A last mile delivery solution or a transportation fad?

Feb 8, 2017

The proposal to utilise drones, in particular, for last-mile delivery, has been well documented over recent years.

With successful pilots having been carried out in the UK and the US, the realisation of this technology being used for deliveries appears to be moving ever nearer to becoming a reality.

However, in truth, what is the viability of drones replacing vans and trucks for last-mile delivery?

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Supply Chain Resolution: Exposing Solutions for Increasing Business Cash Flow

Jan 24, 2017

Come the end of January, most New Year’s resolutions are by the wayside along with the Christmas decorations and leftover treats.

However if your resolution was to increase the profitability of your business this year, then don’t despair!

This blog will reveal the solution for getting your resolution back on track and ensuring the best chance of your business cash flow flourishing in 2017.

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Made in China: Maybe not anymore

Jan 11, 2017

Over the past two decades, a cheap labour force and lesser working regulations than Western competitors has enabled China to build its economic empire through the mass production of toys, textiles and electronics, but what does the future hold for this iconic nation?

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