Introducing the world of freight forwarding


For those of us stepping in to the realms of shipping for the first time the prospect can be quite a daunting one.

What is the best means of getting your products from A to B? What size container do you require? What paperwork needs to be completed?…..

These questions and the complexity of customs can seem like a minefield and knowing where to get the answers you require can be just as baffling.

Then of course there’s all the terminology to get your head around; TEU, Bill of Lading, LCL, Feeder Vessel…  To those of us with little or no experience of the industry, the terminology used can seem like a language in itself.

Utilising the services of a freight forwarding company eliminates all of the issues outlined above.  The experience of a freight forwarding company means that they are able to offer tailor made solutions irrespective of what you are sending and where, along with the added bonus of offering lower costs than if we are to try and ship your items independently.

Oh, and in case you were wondering; the terms above mean:


TEU – Twenty Foot Equivalent Unit

A standard sized shipping container (20ft). TEU is also used in describing the size of a container ship or terminal capacity.


Bill of Lading

A document for which a Master of a ship acknowledges having received goods in a condition as stated by the shipper, and binds himself to deliver them in similar condition. The bill of lading specifies important shipping details including the name of the master, the port and destination of the ship, the goods, the consignee, and the rate of freight.


LCL – Less than Container Load

An amount of cargo which is not enough in itself to fill a container.


Feeder Vessel

A vessel that connects with a line vessel to service a port not directly served by that line vessel.


– Not that you’ll need to know this if using a freight forwarding service.


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