The role of a freight forwarder in developing export growth for your business


As the exports market continues to grow is it not time that you got involved?

The government has set two major ambitions: to double the value of exports to £1tn by 2020, and to get 100,000 additional companies exporting (source: British Chamber of Commerce)

Tapping into international markets can bring lucrative benefits to your company. If you are looking to take your business model to the global stage then appointing a freight forwarder can help make the transition more cost effective and straightforward for your company.

Through an established database of contacts, freight forwarders are in a position to negotiate lower shipping rates for your items than if you were to try and go it alone.

The knowledge and expertise of a freight forwarder can also prove to be hugely beneficial in helping to establish the rules and regulations associated with exporting goods.

Every item being exported to outside of the EU must be classified using a commodity code (HS code). As well as identifying the type of item being exported, these codes ensure that you pay the right tax and duty and follow regulations applicable to the export of your items. A freight forwarder will ensure that the correct commodity code is used preventing you from suffering any unexpected charges or delays in the export of your items.

And through their international handling agents acting on their behalf, a freight forwarder is able to provide sound knowledge of international procedures, language and cultural barriers in your chosen export markets that may otherwise cause you issues.

So bearing in mind the benefits, be sure to add the appointment of a freight forwarder to your checklist when finalising your exports business plan.


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