What are the benefits of using a freight forwarder?


We established the importance of cost savings that are available through working with a freight forwarder in our previous blog, but there are also many other benefits that are to be had from appointing a freight forwarding company.

Whether you have a range products that you wish to export to your International customers or a new product that has been manufactured abroad and needs importing to the UK, it’s clear that you need a reliable supply chain.

Your company’s need for products to arrive on time and undamaged to avoid disgruntled customers and maintain your company’s reputation is a freight forwarders number one focus.

Reputable freight forwarders develop good relations with the various carriers which ensures that they receive the best quality service. This in turn helps the freight forwarding companies to ensure that your products can reach the appropriate destinations within a set schedule and in good condition.

Another added benefit of utilising a freight forwarder is that generally they will have international handling agents acting on their behalf. As specialists in their country they have the knowledge of international procedures, language and cultural barriers; issues that could often normally cause you a great deal of time and frustration. The freight forwarders local agent can facilitate communication between your overseas supplier / buyer.

And with processes involving insurance documentation, customs requirements and clearance, as well as bills of lading, risk assessment and management of risk paperwork also covered by freight forwarders, their ability to offer a complete import / export service frees up your time to deal with the running and development of your company.

What could be better than that?


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