The importance of the worlds canals to global trade

The transportation of goods by sea can take several weeks, sometimes more – But these goods would take even longer to get to us had it not been for an ingenious innovation; the construction of man-made waterways, which has had a significant impact of increasing the efficiency of this invaluable industry.

Don’t get stumped by EU anti-dumping regulations

With many different regulations involved in the process of customs clearance it can be difficult to know in which situations charges are and are not applicable.

One duty that causes a great deal of confusion is the anti-dumping duty. (ADD)

Why choose a Customs bonded warehouse?

If your business model involves importing goods from non EU countries, utilising a customs bonded warehouse can increase your cash flow and even potentially save you money!…

LCL shipping – How does it work?

If you don’t have enough goods (or have slightly too many!) to fill a standard sized sea freight container then utilising a LCL (Less than Container Load) service, offered by many freight forwarders can provide freight solutions for your shipments.

Introducing the world of freight forwarding

For those of us stepping in to the realms of shipping for the first time the prospect can be quite a daunting one.

What is the best means of getting your products from A to B? What size container do you require? What paperwork needs to be completed?…..