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Customs cut down on Duty undervaluation fraud

Customs Pre-Clearance Checks

Measures have been put in place by HMRC to cut down on illegal and undervalued goods, to protect the UK economy and genuine traders.

Trialling of pre-clearance checks on high risk consignments will be carried out by an approved contractor at a HMRC operated facility, where goods pulled for check will undergo examination and sampling.

If a decision is reached that the goods have been undervalued, a request will be made for funds to cover the value of the underpayment of Duty and VAT prior to release. HMRC will directly contact the importers of any consignments that are selected for the pre-clearance checks with details of any delays and required actions.

Goods that are released following the pre-clearance checks will be returned to the original storage facility, whereby we can arrange collection as originally planned. Should goods be seized, they will be securely stored until court action, or the goods are disposed of.