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Surge in demand for UK cheese and wine

UK Cheese and Wine


As the UK tucks into cheese platters and pops bottles of bubbles this New Year’s Eve, the UK cheese and wine industries are celebrating a decade of growth and innovation.

Both have grown from strength to strength, with the UK cheese export market now worth £675 million and 130% more English and Welsh wine produced in 2018 compared to 2017.

Over the past decade, English and Welsh wine has become one of the UK’s fastest growing agricultural sectors, with hectarage planted in Britain growing by 194% in the last ten years.

With Wines of Great Britain (WineGB) predicting UK wine production will reach around 40 million bottles by 2040 – and with famed French Champagne houses Taittinger and Pommery buying land in England’s south – the future continues to look bright for this burgeoning industry.

Cheese production in the UK increased steadily by 7% since 2015, with 465,000 tonnes of British cheese produced in 2018 alone. Whilst British Stilton, Caerphilly, and Wensleydale continue to be some of the UK’s most popular cheeses, cheddar reigns supreme as one of the UK’s top exports. In the US, UK cheese imports are worth £50 million, with 90% of UK dairy exports to the US being cheese. In China, demand for UK cheese is growing by 20% each year.

International Trade Secretary Liz Truss said "The festive season really highlights the quality and innovation coming from businesses in the UK’s agriculture sector. This is evident in the growing demand in major markets such as China and the US."

Over the past year, total exports of UK food and drink reached a record £22.5 billion. As part of the ongoing Food is GREAT campaign, government and British industry are aiming to boost British trade in food and drink exports to £23 billion over 2020.


Source: Department for International Trade