Covid Situation China – 19/04/2022

Please see below update from one of our counterparts in China :


North China (Xingang, Qingdao port)

The situation in North China is not serious, most of factories are working normally and Xingang/Qingdao port is normal as well.


East China (Shanghai, Ningbo, Taicang)

Shanghai still lockdown and I have no idea when will open, personal expect will not open till May.

So far,  only shanghai factory can ship from Shanghai port only.


Taicang situation is not good now. the driver outside of Taicang now are not allowed to get into Taicang.


Ningbo has been found more positive case these days, it will impact some the shipments in Zhejiang area where nearby Ningbo.

However, in overall it still normal working.


South China(Xiamen, Yantian, Shekou, Dachan Bay)

South China situation is the best,  even though some positive cases happened in Guangzhou city, not impact the export shipments.

Factories are running as usual.