Felixstowe Weather Warning – 17/02/2022


Please be advised that the current forecast for today indicates that our yard operation may be intermittently affected between 11:00 and 12:00 Hrs today. We are expecting to operate as normal throughout the rest of today through to 05:00 Hrs on Friday.
The forecast for storm Eunice on Friday indicates that the Port will be closed to container traffic from 05:00 Hrs throughout the weekend and into Monday, although there is still some uncertainty in the forecast for Saturday.
All bookings from 05:00 Hrs to 23:00 Hrs tomorrow have been removed and bookings through to 18:00 Hrs on Monday have been restricted. Booking availability during these time periods will be reviewed pending forecast updates.
For safety reasons the Port is forecast to be closed to container traffic from 05:00 Hrs tomorrow and vehicles will be refused entry at the Police gates.
In line with local government travel warnings we would urge all hauliers to avoid travelling to the Port without a confirmed booking.