Logistics, Distribution, Fulfilment and E-Commerce

Our Essex based customs bonded warehouse provides you the ideal solution for your storage and distribution requirements in the UK:

  • Our Witham logistics centre is just a stone’s throw from the A12; conveniently located near Felixstowe, London and major towns and cities in the South East of England.
  • We have a 115,000 square foot bonded warehouse and an all-singing, all-dancing warehouse management system.
  • We’ll tell you the rest whenever you like!

We offer you so much more than storage – Our team lie at the heart of ensuring our Witham logistics centre provides you quality, reliability and service

Velta people insist on being perfect – and who are we to stop them in their quest?

Consumer shopping habits are changing, as are their expectations. Our team have the expertise to meet these consumer needs, offering a market-leading logistics solution covering every aspect of your fulfilment operation.

We think it’s pretty obvious that any logistics partner of choice must deliver in terms of quality, reliability and service. But that’s just not enough. Let us add the gift wrapping, the ribbons and even a sparkly bow – the little extras that make all the difference.

Our top notch fulfilment services ensure your products will be in the right place, right time, first time. No delays, diversions or disappointments. No excuses.

You need peace of mind and we can offer it. Your customers want their products exactly where and when promised. And guess what? Velta is only happy if everyone else is happy.

We will take care of all your business needs and meet your customers’ expectations. We will provide you cost effective, flexible solutions, scaling up or down to meet short or longer-term changes in your volumes, whilst your inventories will be safe and secure, fully managed by an experienced team that understands the business inside and out, using of state of the art RF barcoding.

More than just a storage solution, our value added services will help give you the edge over your competitors and assist you in delivering the products that your customers desire.

Dedicated teams and complete attention to detail enables you to outsource the rework, personalisation and quality control of your goods to Velta with absolute confidence.

And completed products can be distributed to a location of your choice; to yourself, your stockists or even direct to your customers.

Velta will meet any of your fulfilment needs, including:

  • Storage
  • Order processing
  • Pick & pack
  • Kitting
  • Labelling
  • Re-working
  • Distribution
  • Returns

Examples of the projects we can offer include:

  • Gift set creation
  • Advent calendars
  • Christmas crackers
  • Subscription boxes
  • Luggage sets

You want efficient, flexible and cost-effective solutions? Your wish is our command.

E-commerce fulfilment is so much more than a simple order met

A happy customer is one that will buy again and again. But in the world of virtual shopping, that really piles on the pressure. So let Velta take the pressure!

For the customer? It’s about brand experience, image, hassle-free deliveries and returns. For you? Well, how about reduced admin costs, improved customer satisfaction and faster deliveries. All vital building blocks for further growth.

You only have to ask, and we’ll tell you how we can achieve the best distribution rates, provide real-time stock and order visibility, and cut your costs in the process.

Velta Logistics would love to hear from you to discuss how we can help you build the perfect solution to your e-commerce fulfilment requirements.

For a quotation for your warehousing, fulfilment and distribution requirements please submit a rate request form