Trade Guides

India Trade Guide

India has one of the fastest developing economies, having quadrupled in size in just 14 years, and is currently the tenth largest economy in the world.

USA Trade Guide

The USA is the World’s largest, and one of the most diverse economies. With a population of over 300 million, the US represents 30% of the world consumer market and is the top destination in the World for luxury goods.

China Trade Guide

China is the great economic success story of the past 30 years. Through the introduction of economic reform policies in 1978, China changed beyond recognition. With an average growth rate of 10% GDP across the 30 years since reforms were introduced, China has now grown to become the second largest economy in the World.

Brazil Trade Guide

Well known for rainforests, carnivals and beaches, Brazil is also one of the economic powerhouses of the World.

With a growth built upon the country’s abundance of natural resources, Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America, and the seventh largest in the world.

Turkey Trade Guide

An emerging market, Turkey is one of the fastest growing economies.

At the crossroad of world trade routes with a diverse cultural heritage, Turkey covers two continents; 5% of the county is in Europe, with the remainder in Asia.

Mexico Trade Guide

Mexico is Latin America’s second largest economy, after Brazil. The country covers an area about the size of Western Europe and is located in a strategic economical position between the USA and Canada, and the rest of Latin America.

Indonesia Trade Guide

The largest economy in South East Asia, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the World, increasing by 4.5 million people a year.

Nigeria Trade Guide

The largest economy in Africa, Nigeria is also the most populous of all African countries making it an attractive proposition for anyone looking to expand business to this developing continent.