Brexit – Latest News & Advice

Brexit negotiations are still underway, and whilst it is still no clearer as to what the final outcome of Brexit will be, we continue to plan for all eventualities to ensure that whatever the outcome may be, that we are able to continue to deliver our services to ensure minimal, if any, impact upon your supply chain.

Here we have pulled together the resources that we have on Brexit, to help assist you in your own planning for all possible scenarios of Brexit.

We will continue to keep up to speed with the Brexit negotiations and developments, and details will be posted here.

Handy Brexit resources include:

Brexit timeline

Negotiations for a Brexit deal continue, and we have pulled together a timeline of the Brexit negotiations, which briefly sums up the key issues and events.

Brexit blogs

The team at Velta have compiled a number of articles advising on how you can plan for Brexit. Whether we remain or leave is still to be decided, but planning ahead will help UK and EU businesses to be prepared for all eventualities and to keep supply chains moving.

Brexit checklist – DOWNLOAD

Download our Brexit checklist to use as a guide to what steps you need to make when it comes to the import and export of goods between the UK and the EU.

Brexit checklist – Infographic

This infographic provides is a handy key starting point for assessing what considerations you should be making to ensure smooth continuity for imports and exports with the EU.

Brexit – Frequently asked questions

With so much uncertainty surrounding Brexit, understandably, there are many questions as to how the Brexit process may impact the trade of goods between the UK and EU. Here we take a look at some of the regular questions we are being faced with from our client’s, to try and help you plan for any Brexit scenario.

HM Government videos

HM Government have released some handy videos which cover what preparations you should be making with regards to the import and export of goods, should the UK leave the EU with ‘no deal.’

You can view these by clicking the links below:

Importing goods – How to import goods from the EU to the UK

Exporting goods – How to export goods from the UK to the EU